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Financial Advice Auckland, NZ

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Envision your future

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” -Lewis Carroll.

Fact: Up to 90% of hard-working Kiwis are not financially prepared enough for retirement.

Don’t leave your future financial wellbeing to chance, your employers, extended family or the government.

You and only you can start creating your financial independence right here and right now.

Let the team at Home Advantage help you articulate your future, create a plan, and head in the direction of your goals.

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How we can help you achieve it

Home Advantage has created and perfected a simple yet effective 3-step process that can get you started in the direction of your goals right away:

STEP-1: Complimentary financial consultation.

STEP-2: Creating your Personalised Financial Plan.

STEP-3: Implementing the plan.

We have helped over 1,200 clients through this tried and proven programme.


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What's holding you back?

A busy modern life has growing demands on our time. Working life, commuting to and fro, looking after our families, and dealing with other external distractions all mean that most of us simply do not seem to have the time to start a financial plan.

Your financial wellbeing needs to be a priority; remember, building personal wealth that delivers financial independence takes years.

So why not start right here and now?




The importance of having a support team.

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Financial Planning

‘No Man (or Woman) is an island’ – John Donne.

No successful person, regardless of their field of expertise, profession, or achievements, ever reached the pinnacle of their potential entirely on their own. There is usually a cast of support people who have contributed to this success.

Reaching your potential in personal financial wellbeing is no different. Let our team help guide you through the process with ease and effectiveness.


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  • Home Advantage | HomeWe offer a complimentary and obligation-free financial consultation, also known as a “Financial WOF”

  • Home Advantage | HomeWe provide personalised, 1:1 attention for each and every one of our clients. You will always engage with a real person who will guide, support, and facilitate your journey towards achieving your goals.

  • Financial Adviser Auckland
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    Step 1

    Free consultation

    60-90 min, in-home or online

    During this consultation, we help you review your current position and articulate your goals.  This provides us with a basis to assess your status and create an appropriate plan to get you started on your pathway.

    We have had the privilege of conducting over 1,400 such consultations in the past ten years.

    85% of people who complete this initial assessment decide to improve their financial position with our help. That’s 1,200 Kiwi families and individuals who created momentum towards their goals.

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    Step 2

    Personalised financial plan

    Based on the information we get from the initial consultation, one of our experienced financial advisers will analyse your financial position. Using the latest software, our adviser will determine the most appropriate pathway for you to take towards achieving your goals. They will then draft your Personalised Financial Plan (PFP), custom-designed for you.

    The PFP will include an assessment of your current financial position, identification of any gaps and opportunities to improve, and a set of recommendations.

    Our Financial Adviser will present this plan to you, usually within a week post the initial consultation. Following any modifications (if required), you will have a blueprint and road map of how to achieve your goals.

    With this in hand, you can go forth with confidence in the pursuit of achieving financial independence at, or prior to, retirement.

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    Step 3


    Knowledge x Action = Results.

    Once we present you with your Personalised Financial Plan, it becomes equally important for you to take inspired and informed action towards achieving your goals.

    Home Advantage has developed a strong implementation capability that helps our clients take these actions – one step at a time.

    This creates vital momentum, which can help you achieve financial independence faster.

    We liken the initial stages of implementation to taking off on a commercial flight:

    It takes full power and thrust for a fully loaded aircraft to overcome gravity and friction. Once you reach cruising altitude, you can remove your seatbelt and relax. From here, you only need small corrections to stay on course.

    Let Home Advantage help you soar towards your intended destination.

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    Discover more about how we can enable you to achieve your goals

    Creating momentum in the direction of your goals

    We started Home Advantage with a singular purpose: To help Kiwis improve their financial wellbeing through personalised and easily accessible advice and support. 

    Don’t fall into apathy, indifference or let your busy lives hold you back. With the right knowledge, advice and support, you can activate the drive to ensure a secure future.

    Let the team at Home Advantage help you assess your current position, identify strengths and weaknesses, create a plan, and take inspired action in the direction of your goals.

    “We appreciated the kind and expert advice to help us understand better what we were getting into.” J & B Dagatan, Auckland.

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