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Did you know that 85% of Kiwis are not sorted in retirement?

Most of us fail to plan sufficiently for retirement. Planning seems too difficult, not important right now, something we can’t afford, and retirement seems far away. But will superannuation and retirement scheme payments be adequate to support the lifestyle you would like for your retirement?

It is no secret that many Kiwi’s are not adequately prepared for their retirement, with many living ‘no-frills’,reliant on Superannuation. Have you thought about your options for the future?

We are often asked when is the best time to start planning for retirement? Our answer is it is never too early, but it is also never too late. The first, and most important step you can take is to speak to an experienced professional who can help you plan, take action and offer ongoing support.

With a skilled team of financial planning and investment professionals, Home Advantage are here to show you how you can grow your investments sustainably and help you achieve the retirement you deserve.

The way to the financial future you want is through astute financial planning that is custom-designed for your circumstances. Our team of advisers can coach you through the process, explain your options and opportunities, and help you come up with a sustainable plan that works with your life as it is now.

Helping Our Customers Succeed Financially


We are here to shine a light on your current financial situation and demystify the process of achieving financial independence. Planning for your retirement is an ongoing journey, and we believe a client is for life. With the help of our team and advice from our Authorised Financial Advisor we will guide you in making the decisions that will take you through to a secure, happy future.

At Home Advantage we approach everything that we do with passion and integrity. We are wholeheartedly committed to helping our clients realise their dreams through solid and sustainable investments.


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