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Retirement Planning Tips For Your 40’s

Ask anyone in their 40’s what their concept of retirement is and you’ll probably get a whole range of different answers. Retirement isn’t a one size fits all package deal and quite often, it can be overwhelming to think about. People in their 40’s are usually aware of the need to save for retirement but … Continue reading Retirement Planning Tips For Your 40’s


Are you on F.I.R.E?

Have you heard about the FIRE (financially independent retiring early) movement? A small group young of Kiwi’s, led by Wellingtonian Nick Carr, are joining a global savings movement where members aim to live frugally and save 25 times their annual income to allow retirement decades early. Even though FIRE is not a new idea, the … Continue reading Are you on F.I.R.E?

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Do I have enough money to retire?

How much you need to have saved or invested for retirement is never straightforward. As you can imagine, the answer is unique to every person as it depends upon factors such as the lifestyle they wish to lead in retirement and what access they will have to investments to fund their desired lifestyle. However, no … Continue reading Do I have enough money to retire?