Managing Director

Naveed – Managing Director

Former Commercial Pilot and corporate warrior, Naveed Baloch entered the personal financial planning and advice industry in 2012 after a 10-year stint working in New Zealand’s corporate and government sector, in progressively senior roles.

Armed with a Masters in Management degree, and over 30 years of diverse work experience in several challenging industries and markets across the globe, Naveed was keen to introduce the rigors of professionalism, good governance, service delivery and exceptional customer focus to the financial advice industry.

He has been able to achieve this through the over 1,000 In-home Financial Consultations he and his team have carried out since 2012. Over 85 % of those visited have successfully started in the direction of their financial goals, via the step-by-step process developed and honed by Naveed and his team.

Naveed’s driving ambition is to make it easier for Kiwi families and individuals to access, understand, and utilize financial advice and planning services, to improve their financial well-being, and to be in a position of achieving financial freedom, at or prior to retirement.

Carmen – Marketing Manager

With a degree in finance and experience in the personal finance space, Carmen is in a strong position to educate, empower and motivate others to take control of their finances.

From investment to insurance, Carmen has a strong understanding of client needs and is focused on ensuring the right information is delivered to clients in the right format and in a timely manner.

In an ever evolving industry, Carmen loves new challenges and utilises the latest industry tools to get the job done.

Our Expert Panel

Miles – Financial Adviser

Miles has been in the financial advice industry since the 1980’s. He’s experienced three financial crashes and understands the need for patience and a balanced and unbiased view to assist clients to not become too anxious or panic and sell assets at the wrong time.

As one of only 20 people in New Zealand with both CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) and CFP (Certified Financial Planner) qualifications, and an MBA from Auckland, Miles has the educational foundation and knowledge to offer quality advice. Prior to entering the financial advice industry, Miles trained and worked as a teacher and sees one of his primary roles is to help educate clients on how to structure their finances and manage their money.

David – Financial Adviser

With an MBA from Waikato University and a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (Financial Planning) David has worked in the financial advisory sector in New Zealand for the last 15 years both as an adviser and as a consultant to advisory firms. Prior to that David worked in a variety of consulting and project management roles in financial services companies around the world, including 5 years as Consulting Director at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. 

Specialising in investment planning, David’s specific interests include impact investing (making money by making a difference) and a relatively new concept known as finology – the study of behavioural finance and how behaviour affects financial outcomes.