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Most of us fail to plan sufficiently for retirement. Planning seems too difficult, not important right now, something we can’t afford, and retirement seems far away. But will superannuation and retirement scheme payments be adequate to support the lifestyle you would like for your retirement?

How We Help You Plan For A Better Future

The way to the financial future you want is through astute financial planning that is custom-designed for your circumstances. With access to a team of advisers, you have a personal coach who can take you through the process, explain your options and opportunities, and help you come up with a sustainable plan that works with your life as it is now.

To build your unique, personal financial plan and set you on the path to financial freedom, Home Advantage will guide you through our step-by-step process:

‘Take the First Step’ and book your complimentary In-Home Consultation

As we stress to our clients, the time to start planning is now. And it’s our job to help by providing pressure free guidance that focuses on your individual goals and your current financial situation. Our plans deftly balance your short, medium, and long-term needs to ensure you are working towards financial freedom both now and in the future.

We Offer Access To More Than Just A Planning Service

At Home Advantage, we believe that knowledge without action is ineffective. That is why we ensure that we help our clients to take informed actions, once financial plans have been developed and put into place. We do this through a team of reputable and industry leading panel specialists, including financial advisers, solicitors, accountants and investment specialists – but we are equally happy to work with your team. The idea is to put practical measures into place which will take you to your goals.