Let us help you create your personal road map to financial freedom.

We believe financial independence is achieved through making astute, informed decisions with the guidance of those with the expertise and wisdom to know how to make the most from your money. It’s essential that any financial plan is personalised to suit your individual circumstances.

We offer a structured and transparent process that provides you with all the necessary information and insights to make informed decisions. The process includes analysis and recommendations via a personalised financial plan by a reputable and experienced authorised financial adviser (AFA).

In our extensive experience, investing in property is the safest and most effective way to create a passive income for your retirement. We work with developers of new properties to source the best deals possible directly from developers, passing the savings onto you.

Let us show you how to turn your equity into a retirement plan

The process of realising your financial independence with the help of Home Advantage is likely to look a little like this:

1. Consultation

Your initial in-home financial consultation is the first step on the road to creating your passive income. This consultation is free and comes with no obligations.

At this meeting we determine your financial goals and priorities, look at your current resources and lifestyle, collect information on your current financial obligations, and create a plan that clearly sets you on the path to where you want to go.

We also offer explanations if needed on general investment concepts such as equity, capital growth, and leveraging. You can ask us any questions you wish. Before we take any further steps we want you to be thoroughly informed and feel 100% confident that property investment is the right path for you.

“At the in-home consultation you can expect an enlightening, interactive, and informative session that lasts for approximately 90 minutes. At the end of the session, you will be a lot clearer about your financial position, and feel empowered about your options to initiate the journey towards becoming financially independent.” Naveed Balouch, Senior In-Home Consultant

2. Financial and risk analysis

Next we use the information gleaned from the consultation to undertake an in-depth analysis of your personal financial circumstances. Through this analysis we determine exactly what you can afford and the appropriate level of investment right now for you.

For this process we work with registered financial adviserMartyn Jago. He can help you get the best funding available and ensure your assets are protected.

3. Property selection

Once we have completed your financial analysis, our property analyst will carefully select the right property for you to start building your portfolio.

We only deal with property in new developments that are in the process of being built. We work directly with trusted developers to secure you a deal that won’t be seen in the normal market. This ensures you are purchasing property at or below valuation.

With a newly built property you will have the peace of mind of a Master Builders’ guarantee. You’ll be able to attract professional tenants, and won’t be buying into any potential historical problems. New builds also have the advantage of giving you the best possible tax returns for your investment.

If you decide to go ahead with the purchase that we elect for you, we can then put you in touch with the best lawyers, accountants, and property managers to help you with the next stage in making your goals a reality. We strongly believe that to be successful you need a team of established experts at hand, and we work with only the finest in the field.

4. Ongoing support

Customer care and customer satisfaction are of utmost importance to us. Our customers are the reason we do what we do. So, we won’t just hand you onto the specialists and forget about you. For us, it’s essential that we provide ongoing guidance into the future to ensure you achieve financial freedom.

While you’re enjoying the benefits of your investment, we’ll keep an eye on your equity to let you know when it’s a good time to grow your portfolio. And we’re always available to answer queries and offer advice on the next best step for you.