Property Investment

Property investment is a major wealth creation tool to achieve financial freedom…

Our goal at Home Advantage is to give you the right advice for you make informed decisions and secure your financial future. We believe that investing in property is one of the safest and most effective way to create a passive income and financial independence for your retirement. For return on investment, property has well out-performed shares, bonds, and bank interest for over 40 years.

Recent dramatic capital growth in the value of property has seen homeowners in Auckland and across New Zealand enjoy substantially greater equity in their own homes and investment properties. This creates a unique opportunity for many people to leverage on for their financial future.

We specialise in helping homeowners use this equity to create wealth and a passive income via property investment. We help you to build your property investment portfolio by working with industry leaders to create a financial plan to help you reach your individual goals.

What kinds of properties do we work with?
At Home Advantage we only deal with property in new developments that are in the process of being built. This means we can source the best deals possible directly from developers, and pass the savings onto you. By working directly with trusted developers we secure you a deal that won’t be seen in the normal market, and you will be purchasing property at or below valuation.

With a newly built property you will have the peace of mind of a Master Builders’ guarantee. You’ll be able to attract professional tenants, and won’t be buying into any potential historical problems. New builds also have the advantage of giving you the best possible tax returns for your investment.

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