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The Truth About Retiring Early In New Zealand

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How much you need to have saved or invested for retirement is never straightforward. As you can imagine, the answer is unique to every person as it depends upon factors such as the lifestyle they wish to lead in retirement and how much money they can access to fund their desired lifestyle. However, no matter your current age or position, it is best to tackle retirement planning sooner rather than later – leaving it until your mid 50’s may well be too late.

If you want to learn how to retire earlier, this may be the most important article you read! 

You may qualify for a specialised custom financial plan if:

Good news: You can retire way before the age of 65, like how thousands of smart Kiwis have figured out, with the execution of the right financial plan.

The great news is that in today's market, trusted financial planning services are actually very transparent and simple when you know where to look. That's why smart Kiwis have done their due diligence and look for Home Advantage for their retirement planning needs.

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Tailored Solutions For You

When people visit Home Advantage to explore the financial planning opportunities available, they initially offer a no-obligation inhome consult. The inhome consult is conducted by an approved inhome consultant and takes approximately 60 minutes. This initial visit is designed to get an insught into your current financial position and what you ultimately want to achieve financially.

This is the first stop on your path to achieving your financial goals.  

Transparent Financial Solution

An approved Authorised Financial Adviser will present a personalised financial plan which includes a retirement plan. The financial plan takes a holistic view of your financial position and identifies opportunities for improvement. 

With decades of industry experience, you can rest safely knowing that we will help you make the best personal retirement planning choices for you and your family. 

Step-by-Step Implementation 

Once the roadmap has been drawn up, your inhome consultant and financial adviser will implement the recommendations that you have selected. You will also have access to their panel of experts and specialists who will become your implementation tea,.

The process is made simple and easy to understand by using a tried and tested step-by-step programme. 

“Naveed was very honest and clear in giving me advice. Best of all he didn’t fall off his chair when he first took a look at my financial situation! I could tell that he genuinely wanted to help me, he had a great deal of professionalism, and made me feel very comfortable. The plan we have set in place is comprehensive and still on-going. I am very grateful for his help with my financial situation and have already recommended him to others.”

Getting started with an inhome consultation is free (and no obligation) with Home Advantage. It’s also much faster and simpler than doing all the research and implementation yourself! With our adviser’s tailored recommendation (based on your personal situation), you can check out several options—and implementation plans—instantly. You’ll save money and months of time. 

Here’s How You Get Started:

Step 1: Select your total household income below to get started.

Step 2: Answer a few questions about yourself on the next page and submit. Home Advantage will contact you to set up a free consultation. Best of all, there’s no obligation and you get excellent service and expert advice from our experienced advisers! 

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