Home Advantage was created to help everyday Kiwis improve their financial wellbeing and set out on a pathway towards financial independence at, or prior to, retirement.

It is a great travesty that up to 90% of Kiwis are not sorted at retirement, and we want to change that.

Once we understand your current financial position and goals, our team of experienced financial advisers and a supporting cast of personal finance specialists work seamlessly behind the scenes for you. Our team includes a wide variety of client-centric financial advisers, accountants, solicitors, property specialists, and wealth creation coaches.



Of Kiwis are not sorted at retirement

Our people, processes, and expert financial advice and guidance make it easy for you to embark on the pathway to creating sustainable wealth. Our engagement with you aims to create immediate improvements in your financial position while setting you up for a secure financial future.

We turn things around quickly and get you on to the right pathway. Through our personalised 1:1 framework, we help you get the best out of financial advice.

We don’t believe in unnecessary jargon, so we create easy-to-understand options and recommendations. As the client, YOU control all decisions and actions. We are simply the catalysts, facilitators and enablers of your personal financial plan.

Consult x Financial Plan x Implement = Success

Meet The Team

Armed with a Masters in Management degree, and over 30 years of diverse work experience in several challenging industries across the globe, Naveed was keen to introduce the rigors of professionalism, good governance, service delivery and exceptional customer focus to the financial advice industry. He has been able to achieve this through over 1,000 In-home Financial Consultations carried out since 2012. Over 85% of those visited have successfully started in the direction of their financial goals, via the step-by-step process developed and honed by Naveed and his team.

Naveed Balouch

Founder & Managing Director

With years of experience in Corporate Marketing and customer services, Insaaf, has built an understanding for client needs and is able to translate that in order to achieve the desired goals. She is now at the stage of wanting more of a work life balance raising two gorgeous, but inquisitive little girls, along with her husband. With a Degree in Marketing and Post Grad in Digital Marketing, Insaaf is excited to hone her experience to help customers achieve their goals. She gets a rush of adrenaline seeing clients strengthen their financial wellbeing and independence and cannot wait to see you do the same!

Insaaf Khan

Marketing & Client Relationship Manager

Opening my own business, financial independence, and early retirement has always appealed to me. Having achieved all by the age of 43, I wondered what was next? Following an extended sabbatical period, travelling and qualifying as a Pro scuba diver, I’ve returned to my core passion. The business of empowering others to achieve their dreams. With a reputation for superior customer service, reliability and a transparent communication style, I’m delighted to be of service.

Rachel McVeigh

Client Relationship & Telemarketing Manager

Vincent comes from a background in the design, print and marketing industry – so he understands real-world pressures, where every dollar of overhead has to be scrutinised. He owned and ran his own businesses for many years. He has a passion for personal financial success after watching many individuals struggle financially through their senior years. Vincent is also keen on health and fitness, having completed multiple marathons and cycling endurance events such as the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. One of his goals is to reduce his golf handicap below 10.

Vincent Rayneau

InHome & Online Financial Consultant

Raelene is committed to continuously providing a high-level of client services as a Professional Accountant to allow her clients to focus on managing their business affairs more effectively. She is excited to start helping families and individuals in the Bay of Plenty improve their financial well-being as an In-Home Consultant.  Raelene believes this will give her the opportunity to assist people with their finances, budgets and help them plan for financial freedom and retirement.  She looks forward to working closely with families and individuals over a period, to ensure they are on track for achieving their financial goals.

Raelene Flay

InHome & Online Financial Consultant

Originally from the UK, Martin entered the world of Financial Planning and Investing at the age of 28.  Since then, Martin has introduced hundreds of clients to the world of portfolios, pensions and now KiwiSaver. Martin founded Fusion Investing, a boutique Financial Planning company where the philosophy is one of embracing all the expertise in the industry, rather than trying to select “the best”. Martin also developed the Multi-Manager Strategy where all New Zealand’s top fund managers are used simultaneously to create reliable outcomes – the strategy he still uses to create portfolios and retirement savings for clients.

Martin Jago

Financial Adviser

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