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Simply put, we help hard-working Kiwis improve their financial position and help them onto a pathway that leads to financial independence.

Most of us fail to plan sufficiently for retirement. Planning seems too difficult, not important right now, or like something we just can’t afford. Home Advantage aims to increase the number of Kiwis who are financially sorted by retirement.

With the right planning, advice, and support, you can improve your current position as well as ensure a comfortable, secure post-retirement life for yourself and your loved ones.

Build your financial freedom

Financial Planning & Advise

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By retirement age, upto 90% of New Zealanders are not adequately financially sorted; in fact  most Kiwi’s tend to rely on government superannuation, which can be less than $14,000 per year to live on for the rest of their lives.

With the cost of living rising every day and life expectancy increasing, these stats are a good enough reason to start planning for your retirement today..

A big reason for this is that a majority of us do not have a financial plan in place, and we are simply influenced and distracted by external factors outside of our control..

Home Advantage offers you a holistic 1:1 and personalised financial plan, prepared and presented to you by one of our experienced financial advisers.

Your Personalised Financial Plan (PFP) will provide you with a clear picture of your current financial position, identifying any gaps and opportunities to improve, along with a set of recommendations that will help you achieve your goals.

We will walk you through the plan, answering all your questions and providing you with a full explanation behind the advice, strategies and recommendations.

Once you have a personalised financial plan in place, not only will you have a blueprint of what needs to be done, but you will also have access to our team of specialists and advisers to discuss any related aspect for support and guidance.

Wealth Creation & Protection

Home Advantage | What We Do

Investing is the primary way to build sustainable wealth for most working Kiwis. And you don’t have to be rich to start building wealth right now.

Whether it be residential investment property, Kiwisaver, Managed Funds, shares, term deposits or business investment, our financial advisers can guide you to make informed decisions on how to start a sound investment plan.

Once you are on the pathway to building personal wealth through investing, it is equally important to protect your financial wellbeing.

Home Advantage will also help you protect your assets through a complimentary risk & insurance review.

Today’s job and financial markets are volatile and it is difficult to predict the future. With our help, you can grow your wealth over time – while ensuring you have adequate protection in place to mitigate any risk.

Residential Investment Property

Home Advantage | What We Do

Property investment is a great way to build wealth, earn money, and improve your financial wellbeing.

Historically, NZ residential property returns on average 6 – 8% capital growth per annum, while prices have consistently doubled every ten years, through good times and bad. That is one of the reasons why residential investment property has contributed significantly to the creation of sustainable wealth for those who have gained financial security.

Home Advantage will show you that even at annual growth rates of between 2 and 4 %, you can build a sound financial future.

Property investment involves securing assets worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and has certain risks if you do not set it up correctly.

As property investment experts, we will help you analyse the best investment options for you. We can help you find residential investment properties that will create and grow sustainable wealth over time, and make your life as a landlord as easy as possible by connecting you with the right people to support you on your investment journey.

We help minimise mistakes that are far too common when people invest in residential property without proper advice and support.

Through our network of reputable developers and builders, we help our clients secure up to 50 sound investment properties every year (link to examples of our investment property projects).

With the right expert advice and a plan aligned to your longer-term goals, most Kiwi homeowners can build wealth through residential investment property.

Book your free, in-home consultation now to find out if investing in property is right for you.

Debt Reduction & Mortgage Advice

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If you find yourself struggling to pay off loans, we are here to help. Our expert financial advisers have years of experience helping Kiwis get on top of their debts and on the track for financial security.

Managing your debt is one of the first steps you should take to better your financial health and get your money working for you. The initial priority is to reduce your `bad debt’ such as personal debt, credit cards, hire-purchase debt and your home mortgage.

Once you have your `bad debt’ under control, our finance specialists can help you understand how `good debt’ can build and grow your investment assets.

Along with wealth creation, the correct debt structure and management are essential for creating a sustainable financial foundation.

We can also make sure you’re getting the best interest rates and that those interest rates are locked in at the right time.

Our finance team will also provide an ongoing service where we renegotiate and fix interest rates as required. Our team can provide you with  advice on determining whether to break an existing loan and re-fix, including whether there’s saving or a cost to do so.

Estate Planning

Home Advantage | What We Do

Estate planning is an important aspect for financial security and wellbeing. This is important for everyone, no matter their age or wealth. Estate planning can help avoid unnecessary taxes and legal tie-ups, and ensures funds are bequeathed as you wish. An estate plan appoints the right people to take care of your children and even you if you’re incapacitated

We have a panel of experienced solicitors that can provide you with advice for your estate planning needs. This process can also be accessed through an initial free consultation.

Ancillary Services

Home Advantage | What We Do

Home Advantage recognises that our clients are busy people and don’t always have the time or inclination to seek out services related to their financial plan implementation, such as accountants, solicitors, property managers and the like. We are happy to introduce our clients to a wide panel of experts and service providers to make this easy for them. All such work can be coordinated and facilitated by Home Advantage.

Home Advantage | What We Do

“Naveed was very honest and clear in giving me advice. Best of all he didn’t fall off his chair when he first took a look at my financial situation!
I could tell that he genuinely wanted to help me, he had a great deal of professionalism and made me feel very comfortable.
The plan we have set in place is comprehensive and still ongoing. I am very grateful for his help with my financial situation and have already recommended him to others.”

Home Advantage | What We DoM Webster, Auckland.

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