We would like to say thank you to Home Advantage and the company’s team of panel advisers and specialists for all their work and assistance in helping us get started in the direction of our financial goals through their 3-step programme. This included the drafting of a personalised financial plan and help with its implementation, which included the purchase of our first investment property. 

Home Advantage ensured we had a holistic view of what we were trying to achieve financially before crafting a suitable pathway for us to deliver the targeted outcomes. We are now well on this pathway through the guidance, help and assistance of the Home Advantage team and network of specialists. 

We strongly recommend anyone who is keen on improving their financial wellbeing, to take the first step by booking a complimentary In-Home financial consultation, as the starting point. This is how we got started.”

Steven and Sian



Naveed was very honest and clear in giving me advice. Best of all he didn’t fall off his chair when he first took a look at my financial situation!

I could tell that he genuinely wanted to help me, he had a great deal of professionalism, and made me feel very comfortable.

The plan we have set in place is comprehensive and still on-going. I am very grateful for his help with my financial situation and have already recommended him to others.”

M Webster



“I have known Naveed for about seven years, so when I needed help with my financial planning, he was the man to go to since I know him straight up and down. I was very keen to get into property investing and knew Naveed would be able to do more than help me.

The greatest thing Naveed has done for me so far would be convincing my wife to invest in property with me. I’d previously had a challenge of getting my wife on the same wavelength as myself because she was reluctant to jump into the property market. However, Naveed was someone who talked to her in a way that she felt comfortable enough to trust him. He was very patient with her, which is why I think she felt comfortable enough that she could trust him and enter the property market with me.

To say Naveed is great at what he does would be an understatement, as he has really gone above and beyond for my wife and I. I would definitely recommend him within a heartbeat to anyone.”

B James



“We would like to say thank you for all your work and help on the purchase of our first investment property. We were very impressed by your exemplary service throughout and we appreciated the kind and expert advice to help us understand better what we were getting into.

We will surely recommend you to our friends.”

J & B Dagatan